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Map of Storypoint Vineyards and where it is vinted in Healdsburg Sonoma County CA

wine regions


Every vineyard has its own Storypoint, the most intriguing block that winemakers crave. Storypoint Winemaker Aaron Piotter seeks out fruit from these special places within exceptional vineyards throughout California, each lot delivering distinctive attributes to our finished wine. Each wine offers a combination of grapes from regions both storied and yet to be discovered – adding a new chapter each vintage.

Photo of vineyard located in Sonoma County CA

Sonoma County


Cool coastal breezes constantly refresh our vines in Sonoma County for those flavors of bright green apple and a zesty acidity that we love.

Photo of vineyard in Mendocino County

mendocino county


Higher in elevation than the rest of the Mendocino County vineyards, there’s one particular site in the Potter Valley AVA that has gnarled, old-vines tended by hand for one-of-a-kind fruit.

Photo of vineyard in Lake County CA

Lake county


Remote and unspoiled, Snows Lake Vineyard has a unique soil structure of well-draining, iron-rich volcanic red soils that are dotted with quartz crystals, known locally as Lake County diamonds.

Photo of vineyard in San Joaquin County CA

san joaquin county


Grapes grown in San Joaquin County enjoy glorious Delta breezes and deep, fertile soils with deposits of granite that contribute a unique siganture flavor profile to the  wine.

Photo of vineyard in San Luid Obispo County CA

San luis obispo county


San Luis Obispo County is home to the Paso Robles AVA, where the largest day-to-night temperature swing (often 90°F in the day and 40°F at night) creates vibrantly ripened fruit with dynamic flavors.