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Meet Winemaker
Saman Parsa

Saman Parsa’s early fascination with plants motivated her to leave her native country of Iran to study Plant Biology at the University of California, Davis. From there, she began research at Stanford University before ultimately trading laboratory work for the hands-on experience of winemaking.

In the years that followed, Saman worked back-to-back harvests, eventually accepting the role of assistant winemaker at Frei Ranch in 2017.

“Winemaking is the perfect combination of art and science,” she says, “You can’t have one without the other.”

Storypoint is a true passion project for Saman, having worked with the wines since her first day at Frei Ranch. Now, as winemaker for Storypoint, she is excited to let her knowledge of science, love of the land and passion for winemaking shine throughout each wine.

“We select fruit from California’s best growing regions to build layers of interest into the wine,” she says. “Storypoint wines are never one-dimensional.”

Saman lives in Windsor, California, with her husband Greg, who is a winemaker as well, and son Parsa.